Welcome Message

53rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Scoliosis Society
Takachika Shimizu, MD
Chief Spinal Surgeon and Director,
Gunma Spine Center (Harunaso Hospital)

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is a great honor for me to welcome all of you to the 53rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Scoliosis Society (JSS) to be held in Takasaki, Gunma, from November 8th to 9th in 2019. Personally speaking, the treatment of spinal deformity as well as cervical disorders have always interested me, both spinal fields appear to be quite different, but I think that they are actually closely correlated with each other.
JSS is one of the spine related medical societies with the longest history in Japan, and our mission has been to understand how to manage deformity of the entire spine in various age groups. Although this is a complex task for us to accomplish, we must keep trying to make an effort to establish safe and reliable treatment methods.
I am always anxious that some of the young spine surgeons tend to have too narrow visual field concerning spinal surgery. Therefore, I advocate “Look at the entire spine from various angles!” as a main theme in this meeting.
The upcoming annual meeting of JSS consists of three major columns for discussion, which are “juvenile deformity”, “adult deformity”, and “cervical deformity”. World-famous experts of each topic will be invited form abroad. We also have a “Case Discussion Session for Early Onset Scoliosis” on November 7th, 2019. Takasaki is less than one hour from Tokyo by express train. Let’s get together in Takasaki, and discuss the extremely difficult spinal disorders!
Gunma is very famous as one of top rank hot spring resort(s) in Japan. The hot springs in our region will heal your physical and mental fatigue before and after the conference. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Takasaki next November.

Sincerely yours,