Course Overview

This course teaches the surgical techniques
of bypass surgery.
Applicants can select one facility to
stay there for two weeks.
Participants can join cerebrovascular surgery
including bypass surgery as an assistant
and see tips and pitfalls of bypass surgery.
Participants can also join off-the-job bypass training using artificial vessel model.
At the end of the course,
participants require to submit the training report.

Course Director

Toru Iwama, MD,
Gifu University

(President of JSSCS)

Teiji Tominaga, MD,
Tohoku University

(Former President of JSSCS)

Satoshi Kuroda, MD,
Toyama University

(Technical Director)

Target surgeons

Young neurosurgeon
Regardless of nationality or gender

Course Schedule

Two weeks stay


maximum 2,000 US dollars according
to the transport and hotel expenses


Applications are received at anytime
5 neurosurgeons can be accepted per year
for 5 years (2019-2024)
Please contact us
by email (j-mova@cs-oto.com)
if you would like to join J-MOVA.

Contact Us: Office Take One

2-26 Koseidori Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 451-0075, Japan